Hayley Tucker is a powerhouse of a singer-songwriter with her own brand of sass. Her highly anticipated debut EP, Moonlight, is now available on iTunes, Spotify and other online distributors. Moonlight promises deeply heartfelt songs about love, life and longing. The three track EP features the stunning title track Moonlight – a heart-wrenching tale of love and longing, combining ethereal lap steel and acoustic guitar with a gutsy, soulful vocal delivery, merging elements of gospel, country and blues, Cold Side of the Bed – a raunchy blues showstopper of a song which laments a cruel lover and Superstar – a strikingly delicate country ballad with a gorgeous vocal arrangement. Her raw, emotional song-writing is coupled with her sheer versatility as a vocalist, which sees her move effortlessly between wailing blues, lilting country and old-school soul. 

Hayley Tucker Moonlight Cover.png


‘Sometimes a voice can floor you. It can involuntarily grab your attention like an out-of-towner barging through the saloon swing doors in a clichéd Western film. It’s not a quantifiable attribute that can be measured by some sort of scale, it’s a reflex subconscious action that plays to those triggers inside you that an instrument can’t quite compare. The combination of the delivery, the lyrical message, the raw empathisable emotion that can spur reactions whether you want them or not. It’s an entirely personal thing and different intonations and inflections cause different reactions in different people, though some are undoubtedly more universal than others. There’s a soulful power behind Hayley Tucker’s delivery that clicks something inside and certainly falls into the broad appeal category. After discovering her voice many years ago on stage in a dirty basement bar in the west of London, halting me in my tracks, it’s both satisfying and relieving to hear it done justice to on this Moonlight EP release... This isn’t a modern take on the old classics, Hayley is taking steps to put herself in amongst the heroes of yesteryear…but with a voice that good, you can hardly blame her for the doing her own take on the classics. 4 STARS’